E911 Communication Center

The Hardin County E911 Communication Center is responsible for monitoring different radio frequencies, answering 911 phone calls, and monitoring and using the IOWA/NCIC law enforcement computer system

The IOWA/NCIC law enforcement computer system can put the communication personnel in contact with law enforcement agencies all over the United States, Mexico, Canada, and other countries. 

Staff Certifications

Operators are required to be state certified on the IOWA/NCIC computer system. All full-time communication personnel are certified as emergency medical dispatchers and in CPR.


The E911 Communications Center dispatches for the following:

  • Hardin County Sheriff's Office
  • Eldora and Ackley police
  • Ackley, Alden, Buckeye, Eldora, Hubbard, Iowa Falls, New Providence, Radcliffe, Steamboat Rock, Union, and Whitten fire departments
  • Ambulance services in Hardin County
  • First responder services in Hardin County

Additional Monitoring

The E911 Communications Center also monitors and responds to radio traffic from the Iowa State Patrol, Iowa Department of Natural Resources, and county conservation vehicles when they are working in the Hardin County area. 

Several fire and burglar alarms also ring into the Hardin County Sheriff’s Office.

For More Information

Please contact Sara Robinson, Director of Communications, at 641-939-8190 or by email, with any questions regarding the E911 Communications Center.