Marriage License

You may obtain a marriage license in any county in Iowa as long as the marriage takes place in Iowa. Please keep in mind that any future copies of that marriage license will have to be obtained from the county in which it was applied for and recorded.

Marriage License Application

To apply for a marriage license in Hardin County, please download the Application for a Marriage License. You may fill it out ahead of time, but both parties and a witness need to sign the application either at the Recorder's Office or before a Notary Public.


The fee to obtain a marriage license is $35. This is the same in every county in Iowa.

Waiting Period

There is a three (3) day waiting period between applying for a marriage license and picking up the license and certificate. We will hold the license for six months from the date of application, after which you will have to reapply for a new marriage license. The license is good indefinitely once it has been picked up from the Recorder's Office.

Expediting Fee

If you need the license before the three-day waiting period, you can request a judge waive the three days for an additional $5 Recorder fee. The Clerk of Court’s Office also has a fee for the three-day waiver.