Environmental Health

The Environmental Health Department is responsible for: 
  • Investigation of public health nuisance complaints, administering nuisance notices, and following up on nuisance mitigation.
  • Permitting and inspection of private water supply wells, private well abandonment and rehabilitation inspections, private well water testing, and administration of the Grants to Counties program.
  • Permitting and evaluation of private wastewater treatment (septic) systems, which includes: site evaluation, soil coring and classification, tracking, renovation/rehabilitation inspections, and final system inspections.
  • Determining whether private wastewater treatment systems pass or fail Time of Transfer inspections based on information provided in reports by certified inspectors. 
  • The management, reporting, and record keeping of official documents with regard to field and office work.
The Board of Health is the advisory board for the Environmental Health Department and Public Health activities in the county.