K9 Unit

Meet Ogon, Hardin County's K9 dog. He's a male Belgian Malinois from Belarus. Ogon's handler is Deputy Mitch Kappel.

Ogon is a "dual purpose" or "patrol dog", which means he has a lot of skills. Ogon is able to do:

  • narcotic detection
  • tracking
  • building searches
  • article searches
  • handler protection


Hardin County's K9 program began in 2016 through fundraising efforts.

Kappel and Ogon

Support the K9 Program

The K9 program in the Hardin County Sheriff's Office is completely supported by donations. Maintaining a K9 program takes many resources for ongoing expenses, such as:
  • veterinary bills
  • food
  • training
Additionally, the Sheriff's Office would like to purchase a K9 bullet proof vest for Ogon to wear when on duty.

If you would like to contribute to the K9 Program, please contact email Sheriff McDaniel or email Deputy Kappel or call 641-939-8189.