Drainage District Utility Permit Application


Pursuant to Code of Iowa Section 468.186, companies or individuals wanting to construct, operate and maintain utilities on, over, across, or beneath an established Hardin County Drainage District must request and receive an approved Drainage District Utility Permit Application. 

Download the Drainage District Utility Permit Application (PDF) and fill it out completely with applicant information, type of utility, location details, and a description of the work to be performed.

Submit form and location plan to:

Hardin County Auditor’s Office
Attn: Drainage Clerk
1215 Edgington Ave, Suite 1
Eldora, IA 50627
Fax (641) 939-8225

General Requirements for Construction

  1. Standard Requirements
  2. Crossing of Open Ditch Facilities
  3. Crossing of Drainage District Tile Lines
  4. Wind Turbine Requirements
  5. Hazardous Liquid Pipeline / Pressurized Pipeline Requirements

SECTION I - Standard Requirements                                                                                        

 Upon issuance of a permit for utilities on, over, across or beneath established Hardin County Drainage Districts, the applicant shall be governed by these requirements and shall comply with all conditions contained herein.

  1. The Applicant shall furnish the Drainage District, or its representative, plats showing the exact location of the proposed construction. If it is found that such locations are in conflict with the present or proposed facilities and that a more desirable location is possible, the Applicant shall review such possible alignment changes. No construction is to commence with the drainage facility without a written and approved application.
  2. Upon approval of the application, and prior to the commencement of any construction, the Applicant is required to pay a prepaid inspection fee made payable to County Treasurer’s Office.  The prepaid inspection fee shall be equal to $2,000 per crossing of any of the Drainage District’s facilities (by way of illustration, if an application includes a scope of work that would result in crossing over the Drainage District’s tile in three (3) locations, the prepaid inspection fee would be $6,000).  Within thirty (30) days after completion of the installation, the Drainage District or its designee shall remit any unused portions of the prepaid inspection fee to the Applicant, along with a statement for services rendered.  Inspection fees and cost in excess of the prepaid inspection fee are the responsibility of the Applicant.   
  3. Applicant shall comply with Iowa One-Call requirements prior to commencing any work.
  4. The Drainage District shall provide Applicant access to maps or other information regarding the location of all known drainage district facilities so that reasonable care may be taken by Applicant to avoid un-necessary damage to said drainage district facilities.
  5. The Applicant shall hold the Drainage District harmless from any damage that may result to the Drainage District facility because of the construction or maintenance of the utility, and shall reimburse the Drainage District for any expenditures that the Drainage District may have to make on said Drainage District facilities resulting from Applicant’s construction and installation of utilities, or their subsequent repair or modification.
  6. The Applicant shall take all reasonable precaution during the construction of said utility to protect and safeguard the lives and property of the public and adjacent property owners and shall hold the Drainage District harmless from any damages or losses that may be sustained by adjacent property owners on account of such construction operations. Further, Applicant agrees to replace, repair or reimburse all damages to private property occasioned by Applicant’s installation of subsequent modification or repairs.
  7. The Drainage District assumes no responsibility for damages to the Applicants property occasioned by any construction or maintenance operation of said Drainage District facilities, subsequent to Applicants installation.
  8. A copy of a certificate of insurance naming the County/Drainage District as additional insured for their permit work shall be provided to the County Auditor prior to installation. The limit of liability under the insurance policy shall not be less than $1,000,000 per occurrence.
  9. The Applicant agrees to give the Drainage District twenty-four (24) hours (Saturday and Sunday excluded) notice of its intention to commence construction on any lands within the jurisdiction of the Drainage District. Said notice shall be made in writing to the County Auditor or to the designated Drainage District representative.
  10. The Applicant agrees to place permanent, visible markers or monuments at locations where utility crosses Drainage District facilities. These monuments or markers shall identify the owners name, address and phone number.
  11. The Drainage District Trustees may appoint a representative to inspect and approve all construction across Drainage District facilities as part of this permit. All compensation, wages, mileage and other expenses for this representative will be paid by the Applicant. It will be the responsibility of the Applicant to make all contacts with private parties (adjacent owners/operators) to determine the location of private drainage facilities. Said representative will also inspect all crossing of Drainage District facilities and may, if required, observe the crossing of private drainage facilities, and shall have the authority to require the Applicant to excavate and expose the crossing of any Drainage District facility where the representative believes it prudent to visually examine Applicants crossing of the Drainage District facility. Further, said representative has the authority to suspend construction and installation by the Applicant within any Drainage District jurisdiction by verbal order to the contractor at the site and a telephone call to Applicants contact person listed on page 1 within six (6) hours of the verbal order.
  12. The construction and maintenance of Applicants installation shall be carried on in such a manner as to not interfere with or interrupt the function of said Drainage District facilities without the express written consent of the Drainage District Representative. In the event it becomes necessary to temporarily stop the flow of water, the following shall be completed by the Applicant:
    1. If the crossing involves a tile line, the replacement of tile with approved materials, in the manner approved by the Drainage Districts designated representative, shall be performed as rapidly as possible. If the approved method of repair is impossible and the volume of water flowing in the tile is sufficient to create the possibility of crop loss or property damage, the Contractor will be permitted to temporarily block the tile line to prevent the flow of this tile water into the pipeline, or tile line ditch. In the event this tile line is so temporarily blocked, the Contractor will be expected to provide sufficient pumping equipment to pump the impounded tile water across the construction ditch to the undisturbed tile line. Such temporary blockages of said Drainage District tile lines will be removed a rapidly as possible and any tile repairs caused by this blockage will be immediately repaired at the Applicants expense.
    2. If the crossing involves an open ditch that is carrying sufficient flow of water to make it necessary to place a temporary dam across said open ditch, such temporary dams may be constructed only upon approval from the Drainage District designated representative. The maximum elevation of this impounded water shall be determined by the designated Drainage District representative and all excess water must be allowed to flow across the construction ditch through either a closed metal culvert pipe or by pumping. All temporary dam structures are to be removed as soon as the crossing is completed. The construction and removal of these dams shall be in such a manner that the smooth and efficient function of the drainage ditch is not impaired, with all costs and damages borne by Applicant.
  13. The Applicant will at any time subsequent to the commencement of construction, and at Applicants sole expense, reconstruct or replace its installation as may be necessary to conform to new grade or alignments resulting from maintenance or construction operations by the Drainage District in connection with any of its drainage facilities. Applicant agrees to do this within forth-five (45) days of receipt of written request from the Drainage District, or such longer time period as the Drainage District may specify, without cost to the Drainage District. Such reconstruction or realignment of Applicants improvements shall be made in accordance with and approved by the Drainage District or its designated representative. If the Applicant is unable to comply within the time period specified above, the Drainage District may cause the work to be done and the Applicant will pay the cost thereof upon receipt of a statement of such costs.