Hardin County IRVM's Statement of Support

The Hardin County Board of Supervisors, Conservation Board, and the Engineer came together in cooperation, common goals and shared ideas to manage roadsides in Hardin County by and through utilizing integrated roadside principals. 

Following Iowa Code Chapter 314.22 (PDF), it is declared to be in the general public’s welfare of Iowa and Hardin County for the Vegetation of its roadsides to be preserved, planted, and maintained to be safe, visually interesting, ecologically integrated, and useful for many purposes. 

We realize that IRVM will be beneficial to our roadside management goals, while being economically and environmentally beneficial.

We understand that working in unison towards improving roadside vegetation is the most efficient way to accomplish the goals of improved, safe and weed free roadsides. This integrated approach will add to the ecologically sound habitat and natural beauty of Hardin County. 

We hereby agree to manage Hardin County roadsides according to the provisions described within this management plan to preserving our rich ecological past, striving to conserve our natural resources, restore ecosystem services and protect our environment