PERMIT CARD AVAILABILITY: When will the new cards be available?
As soon as HF 517 was signed into law, work began to identify the options to have truly uniform, durable, and secure permit cards. The Iowa Department of Public Safety has been working closely with Iowa’s 99 Sheriffs Offices to identify a method to generate uniform permit cards, while still allowing Sheriffs Offices to use their existing systems and procedures for processing applications, issuing permits, and storing permit records.

To become operational with a system to print uniform permit cards, it is necessary to design the various permit card types (permit to acquire, nonprofessional permit to carry, professional permit to carry, etc…), acquire printing services and materials, provide measures to protect confidential permit related data, and develop rules and procedures for issuance of the permits. Despite the complexity of the initiative, DPS and Sheriffs Offices have been working diligently to become operational with a new permit printing system in just a few months following the law change. Though Sheriffs Offices and DPS are working cooperatively on the uniform permit card project, ultimately, each individual Sheriffs Office will have to proceed according to the statewide rollout schedule specified by DPS. When the new permit cards are available, a public announcement will be made.

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1. LAW CHANGES: I have heard that there are changes to Iowa weapons permit laws occurring in 2017. What are the topics of the law changes?
2. EFFECTIVE DATES: When do the 2017 changes in Iowa law regarding weapons permits take effect?
3. IMMEDIATE EFFECTIVE DATES: Which are the two law changes that have an effective date of April 13, 2017?
4. UNIFORM PERMIT CARDS: What is the "uniform permit card" provision of HF 517?
5. PERMIT CARD AVAILABILITY: When will the new cards be available?
6. CURRENT: I have a weapons permit (carry or acquire) issued before the law changes take effect, or before the law changes are fully implemented – do I have to get a new permit card when they are ready?
7. DUPLICATES: I lost my permit, my permit was damaged, or I have an older style of permit. Can I obtain a duplicate of a current permit, but printed on the new uniform wallet size card?
8. DL/ID RECORDS: Instead of developing new uniform permit cards, and all the systems necessary to print the cards, could the information simply be added to my driver’s license or non-operator ID file?
9. APPLICATION PROCESS: How do I apply for a new, renewal, or duplicate Nonprofessional Permit to Carry Weapons?
10. RENEWALS: I have a Permit to Carry Weapons that will be expiring soon. What do I need to do to renew the permit?
11. TRAINING FOR RENEWALS: Do I need to complete another training course to renew my Permit to Carry Weapons?
12. MOVE WITHIN IOWA: I have moved since my permit was issued or will be moving soon. Am I required to notify anyone of the change of address and am I required to obtain an permit showing my new address?
13. TEXT OF NEW LAWS: I want to read the new law and understand the many different provisions of this law. How can I get a copy of the law and where can I learn more about the law?