Savanna Management

Savannas can be found throughout Hardin County. Projects in the
Sac & Fox Wildlife Area and Pine Ridge Park highlight the benefits of a savanna management program.

What is a Savanna?
Land composed of a mixture of woodland and grassland vegetation. Typically few trees that shade tolerant grasses and forbs with areas that are more open for heat tolerant grasses and forbs. Savannas are often defined by the density of the tree canopies being 50% canopy cover or lower. Commonly the bur oak tree which has a deep tap root and thick bark, well-adapted to surviving hot prairie fires is the most ideal tree for savannas.

Sac and Fox Overlook - Bur Oaks across the savanna.

Why Manage?
Oak Savannas are one of the most ecologically diverse habitats combining woodland with grassland. Everything from specified niches to tolerant species of plants and animals alike. Savannas are one of the rarest and most unique habitats of our state.