Winter Activities

When the weather turns cold in Hardin County, the fun is just beginning! Explore the views and solitude of the trails at Pine Ridge Park or visit Calkins Nature Area to check out a pair of cross-country skis.

Winter has its own unique beauty which was captured in this frosty morning photo.
Frost on a winter morning in the prairie.
Just strap on your boots or snowshoes and explore the beauty of winter. You just may spot a white-tailed deer or wild turkey scratching through the snow to find a meal or watch the dark-eyed juncos hopping stem-to-stem across the prairie, stripping seeds off the dried prairie grasses.

A winter ice storm covers a Bur Oak.

On very cold mornings, you may spot a sun dog, like the one shown below. These are expectionally bright and are accompanied by a vertical sun pillar, parhelic circle (the horizontal line), the 22 degree halo and a circumzenithal arc.

Sun dog in the horizon.